[SELLING] 1st Flareon Excalibur

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  1. The first of its kind, and its last... for me. I've repaired it so many times that I'd have to go out of my way in levels to repair it now. So I believe it's time I turned it over to the hands of someone who can prove themselves worthy.

    I'm selling this thing for at least 20K, but for good reasons:
    It's the first sword I ever used to slay evil and it was made to compliment the set of armor (my Flareon Helm, Plate, Greaves, and Boots) that Kephras crafted for me a long time ago (of which I still have and don't plan on selling ever). It also has custom font unique for a lot of renamed gear, and the repair cost will be reset for whomever I sell it to. I crafted and used this baby a lot during the 1.7 era, but when the 1.8 era came I knew its usage would be limited... I mean, sure, it [the Anvil repair cost] caps at 39 Levels now, but those levels are harder to get in 1.8 and I need to focus more on repairing my armor than repairing a sword that I know will break down for me...

    It has all 5 possible enchantments, all max-tiered:
    • Its Smite V can kill unarmored Skeletons in one shot, so it's great if you need a lot of reserve bones/bone meal/arrows ( the latter especially if you have a Lucky Bow in your possession). (Enraged Skeletons take 3 hits to kill with this enchantment.)
    • Zombies, however, take 2 hits with this sword: but if you let the Fire Aspect II kill them then it takes 1 swing with the sword and 2 hits from the fire to kill them (2 seconds).
    • Its Knockback II is good for keeping Enraged Creepers out of range if you wish to fight them easier.
    • Looting III helps on all fronts by increasing drop rates and letting you get more bang for your buck, especially in the face of any Enraged Mob.
    • Finally, Unbreaking III ensures that this sword lasts as long as it possibly can.

    Even if you don't want to use this sword, it still makes a great collector's item, as it is the First Edition of this type of sword I have made, and I've only made 2 others since that can never stand up to the test of time as long as this sword can, nor can ever have the same font applied, since they were both forged in the post-1.8 era. So it's more valuable than just a standard hitting weapon.

    That's why I'm selling it to the general public now, repaired at full durability, as best as possible.
  2. Wow, a true piece of flareon history :eek:
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  3. I might get it if I can get a certificate of authenticity :p
  4. I'll get one (or do /repairinfo on it or something) to show you I'm the only one that's done anything with it, if you wish. :p
    As far as its usage history goes, I've had that sword for as long as the last time I remodeled my house, possibly longer... o.o