[Selling] 19.5 DC of enchanted tools/armour/weapons/books

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  1. Heya,

    As in the title, I'm selling 19.5 (+1 pickaxe) double chests of assorted enchanted tools, armour, weapons and books.

    Preview signs are set up at /v 4005 storage

    If you're interested, please send me an offer somewhere
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  2. Sure... can you remind me which chests they're in? :p

    If you pay I'll mail asap
  3. which chests?
  4. sent, thanks :)
  5. How much would you take for all of it..? :p
  6. 631k? assuming 19.5 DC's and an average of 600r for everything in them? i've been out of the enchantments game for a long time
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Not open for further replies.