[Selling]15 Stacks Slime Ball

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  1. Im selling 15 stacks of slime ball :)

    25k, We can negotiate about the price!
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  2. 25k is toooooo less for the price, 40k is MUCH better! If 50r a piece, do 64*50*15=48000
  3. Erhm... 40k! xD
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  4. Nawww why you tell him that !!! i was gonna buy :D
  5. 35k ?
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  6. No thx :p
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  7. Still at 100k?
  8. not really, my shop hasnt been fully open for a while and im restocking atm, so im on 90k, but i did reach 100k :D and i will probably get back to it after 1.3 (when my shop opens)
  9. I am SO over the 100k, almost 150k accually.... :p
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  10. i have 400r xD @MarkKnaaijer ik heb al even geleden een sollicitatie gestuurt voor dutchmenclub ._.
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  11. Sold.
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  12. I do not want to buy but you are in :p
  13. LOL, why did you sell me tonnes of slime at my shop :p
  14. Lol I'm around 20k xD
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