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  1. Hey,

    A while ago, I purchased a whole bunch of ESCDs, and now, I've got a new investment plan that I hope is gonna take me far (No, I will not be revealing it, thank you very much).

    Anyway, the title says it all. I'm selling 15 ESCDs, at the negotiable price of 27k each.

  2. 29k is a bit high considering bloodra1n sells them at 27k each at 9001. He has lots of them as well. If you are individually selling them you should beat market prices :)
  3. Alrighty, changing the price to 27k :p
  4. I will buy all 15 at 345k (23k per)
  5. Make it 25k per and it's a deal

    EDIT: I hate to argue with my overlord, but when it comes down to money...
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  6. Deal :p
    and you are cursed for many years to come for that..
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  7. Okay, mailing them now :) Please make the payment and close down this thread.
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