[SELLING]134 Horse Egg

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  1. 134 Speed Horse Egg(Unused)
    Asking for AT LEAST 35K OBO
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  2. I'll buy it.
    I've sent the 35k as a buy-in already :3
    Just send it back if you get a better offer.
  3. Weird how all the fast ones are whites.
    (*NOT* to be racist)
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  4. I have a few offer, PM me in game or on the forums.
    Would like to sell is asap, need to put money towards a build.
  5. I could tell you, but that would be no fun, now would it?;)
  6. In my opinion this horse is worth at least 50k if not more. That is not an offer, just letting you know the going rate is a bit higher.
  7. Since there is a key interest for this egg. I'm putting it on my Res.
    First one to buy it, well it's theirs. It'll be up for 24 hours.
    After that It might be placed into Auction.
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  8. Seems I have 4+ people interested and have 2 offers of 80k.
    Will be selling this on my Res on SMP 9 @5:45
    If you want it, come bring your rupees...

    Please close thread after 5:45 please. Thank you.
  9. Congrats on selling your 134! I heard it went for 125k! :)
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