[Selling] 130%+ speed horses.

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  1. Shop is at /v 11192, SMP5. Currently all I have out right now is the range of 130-130.99. I am still trying to figure out prices for horses above that speed (hint hint, tell me). Unfortunately for us all, these horses are almost all "Creamy Whitefield."

    The horses out now are priced at 12k per. If that is too unreasonable, voice it here. I have many chests set up in a lame @$$ shop, the many chest are so that you can see most of my inventory (the chest in the corner are doubled up because I got lazy).

    I am not selling anything above 134, and will rarely sell a 133.

    If you want a 131 or 132, post your offer here.
    Just an update on the less than 130 stock I have:
    [Speed] : [# of DCs]
    115-119.99 : 4DCs
    120 : 1DC
    121 : 1DC
    122 : 2DC
    123 : 2DC
    124 : 1DC
    125 : 2DC
    126 : 1DC
    127 : 1DC
    128 : 1DC
    129 : 1DC
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  2. I am reserving this even though there is a roughly 99% chance it will never be used.

    I lied. If you want horses with speeds less than 130%, post your requests here. I prefer to sell bulk (more than one), but I am willing to compromise.

    Also, yes, I am deleting my bumps. They just make a thread with little activity look sad.
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  3. I would also pay 12k for a 132% speed horse
  4. I sent you a pm with my offers. :)
  5. 12k is lower than what I have been seeing them sold for and what I have been offered. 25k seems to be what people are offering for those ones. :)
  6. That's correct - although prices do seem to be decreasing slightly, they were valued (probably about 5k or so under now) at roughly:
    15k for 130
    25k for 131
    35k for 132
    45k for 133
    You will find that people will complain that no horse should be worth 10k or over, but anyone who is serious, and actually experienced with pricing, will pay their value. In my opinion, start pricing as high as you'd like, and if they don't sell, then bring the prices down. But if they sell, there's no need to decrease the price if you're happy with it.
    130+s have recently become quite high in demand, and since not many people do sell (Including me and you, I can count about 5 or 6 long time sellers), there is no exact "set price".
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  7. I was underpricing mine to get my new horse mall started. 10k is low and I'm sold out now!
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  8. Just an update on the less than 130 stock I have:
    [Speed] : [# of DCs]
    115-119.99 : 4DCs
    120 : 1DC
    121 : 1DC
    122 : 1DC
    123 : 1DC
    124 : 1DC
    125 : 1DC
    126 : 1DC
    128 : 1DC

    If you want them, give me offers.:)

    Edit: See main post for current stock.
  9. Bump. If you want any of these, offer up. :p