Selling 130-133 Speed Horses lots of colors

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  1. Horse's im selling Are

    Speed,Jump,hp Color Price

    130,65,20 Creamy none 10k
    130,71,23 Grey WhiteField 8k
    130,65,20 Dark Brown none Offer?
    130,66,20 Brown none 9k
    130,63,20 Black none 13k
    130,74,20 Brown Whitefield 8k
    130,69,22 White Whitefield 7k
    130,72,22 Brown none 9k
    130,71,23 White none 7k
    130,70,23 White none 7k
    130,67,23 Chestnut none 10k
    130,74,20 White black dots 12k
    130,71,20 dark brown black dots 13k

    131,72,22 White Whitefield 20k
    131,73,22 Black White Dots 21k
    131,74,21 Grey White Dots 23k
    131,67,21 Chestnut Black Dots 24k
    131,74,23 Grey White 24k
    131,70,19 Creamy White Dots 21k
    131,77,20 Chestnut None 32k

    132.03,74.40,18.27 Grey Whitefield 45k
    132.36,68.42,21.08 White none 40k
    132.60,65.28,23.18 BLACK NONE Offer

    133.03,69.14,23.10 White None 95k
    133.07,67.36,21.44 Brown None 150k?

    Feel Free to Offer if you think the price is to high/low
  2. Bump Feel free to make offers