[Selling] 117% Speed Horse

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  1. Selling 117% Speed Horse
    PM me offers

    All offers are final no takebacks
  2. Well since no one else has posted...

  3. Please private message the offers as not to lead people into believing that this thread is for an auction of the horse.
  4. Okay, sorry. But my offer still stands lol.
  5. ok htt71 ill setup a pickup chest 1000r it is
  6. You will not get the egg if you don't respond, remember if you offer I expect payment
  7. Really? >_> Lets try not to use loopholes every time you want to sell this horse, ok?
  8. what do you mean thats been there, it means I don't want anybody just givin me an offer then not responding
  9. Also, just pay by buying dirt for 1000r where the horse egg is in storage area,
    use teleport in shop
  10. Okay before you reply to this post saying that I'm a jerk who corrects you everywhere, which I know you're thinking about doing, is isn't an auction. You can't bound them to an offer if they didn't check around or anything. If they make an offer to you they might have found cheaper and so they don't want to do the sale anymore, you can't really force them into it.

    No I'm not just saying that because apparently you say "I love to correct you" I'm saying that because it's not right.

    Honestly I don't care who it is if something's wrong I correct it.
  11. No that person doesnt have to buy but I don't want people just giving me fake offers for no reason, I just want to know if
    htt51 is gonna buy or not so i can start sellin again
  12. I'm pretty sure that a 1k offer won't be followed through. I suggest to try and sell :)
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  13. Ya it sounded to good to be true
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  14. If he has not payed you yet, and he has yet to respond to you letting him know he can buy the horse, the deal isn't set in stone. You can sell it to someone else. If htt51 doesn't stay up to date on the thread, and pays you his offer after someone else has bought it, just send him his money back and explain in a PM that because he didn't respond in a reasonable amount of time, that you assumed he wasn't going to pull through on the deal. IMO, if someone doesn't pull through within two days, they aren't all that serious about it.

    Edit: Should have refreshed the page lol.