[Selling] 100r random level 30 Enchanted books. 3773, smp2

Discussion in 'Selling' started by JessieBK, Dec 25, 2015.

  1. A friend gave me all these level 30 books that I have no use for. Enjoy the saving you might find a book you are looking for.

    Preview/selling chests at 3773 on smp2
    Moved to 9274, smp4 or /v +trade
    ONLY 100 rupees per book.
  2. Over 3 DCs still in stock.
  3. Just visited your shop and i have to say, those books were pretty good. I spend around 9k on 2 DCs!
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  4. Another 2DCs in stock.
  5. Another 3DCs in stock.
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  6. bump, re-opening for business
    books still 100r per book
  7. I have moved the shop to smp4, 9274 or /v +trade