[SELLING] 10 x Ore Buster Promotional Pickaxes

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  1. ore.jpg

    For Sale: 10 x Ore Buster Pickaxes 100% Durability bulk lot
    Price: 600,000r

    PM me if interested.
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  2. Total right XD Not each :p?
  3. Ill buy one for 60k
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  4. If someone makes me an offer for 600k each, they can have it! :p

    Sorry adondrabkin, it's a bulk lot, I'm not breaking it up. :(
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  5. I honestly dont think your going to get a sale. Most mall owners are buying at 52k each.
  6. I've seen a few buying at 55k-58k. This is a good investment and a bulk you wouldn't normally find. Also, if I don't sell them this time, they just go back in the chest for another few months.
  7. It's of course going to be a really hard sell as very few people have that kinda cash to throw around. That being said, I will offer you 510,000 rupees for it all.

  8. 570,000r Haro. :)
  9. No, sorry. Like I said people aren't going to generally have that kind of money to fly around so 510,000 would be my final price; let me know if you change your mind :)