[Selling] 10 Feast For a King!

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  1. The title says it all! I am selling 10 feast for a king. I am looking for about 21k each, prices are negotiable as always though :)
    Muchas gracias :p
  2. Bump! All the price is negotiable but 23k each is a nice deal :) PM me if you are interested! :D
  3. I have a couple of those and I'm not even sure what they are.
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  4. They are from the ThanksGiving event.
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  5. So... What are they?
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  6. The wiki tells you much!

    Released in November 2014 for Thanksgiving, this paper could be found in the Feast Chests that randomly spawned in the Frontier and Wastelands during the 2014 Thanksgiving event. Upon spawning, a gold message would appear in the player's Chat with the approximately coordinates of the Feast Chest. Within the chest, was, besides the Feast for a King, a variety of foods, including cooked chicken, cooked fish, and stacked cakes. This paper has no function beyond use as a display item.

    Now, back to flamingpotato42's sell post!
  7. Yes as high said they are mainly an EMC special items that collectors look for. 23k is a fair price and can usually be sold for even more to make a profit :)
  8. Currently 6 left! Bump! price lowered as well :D
  9. I'll buy 2 when I get on.
  10. Lol im on right now, I have to do schoolwork soon. I see you were on 11 min ago. I just missed you.
  11. I'm here on forums :)
    I'll get on right now one sec
    And you got off :eek:
  12. Tell me when your getting on
  13. On now xD