[Selling] 1 Genuine IcecreamCow Head

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  1. Selling: 1 ICC Head from one of his drop parties
    Where? (Tell me Hairy TELL ME) Res 5269 on Utopia!
    Price: Merely 30k
    "Yeah right! You don't have one"
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  2. Sold?
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  3. 2013-11-03_22.56.41.png
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  5. Lol I just sold this to hairy eagle for 100k he shoulda asked for more
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  6. Just wondering what Stormboy ment when he was saying "you know you can get banned for this right"
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  7. Man I shoulda. Just letting you know I'm not terribly stupid xD I obviously sold it because I needed rupees VERY quickly xD
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