[Selling] 1 g00tch Head

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  1. I've heard absolutely ZERO buzz about players wanting my head, so I am out to change that!

    I am selling 1 of the only 3 g00tch heads in existence. Not in existence just on EMC, but not in existence in the known universe! No collection is truly complete without it. The majestic head of King g00tch will make any room, museum, or random dirt block, look 1000x's better!

    I know what you're thinking. "I bet the price is a huuuuuuge amount of rupees for his excessively handsome and amazing head!" Well, that could be the case. It might not be.


    Post your offers below.

    Serious inquiries only.

    *Slippery when wet. Offer void in Utah.

  2. 1 rupee. Deal or no deal?
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  3. Here's my one of a kind offer:

    - 1 ItsMeMatheus head (Only 1029 in existance)

    - 1 Projectile Protection 1 book (So you can protect yourself and don't drop more heads!)

    - Bread Crumbs (May contain gluten)

    - 37 rupees
    - 1 EMC Firework 2012 edition (You're not a true king until you get one of these)

    - 1 spot in my dusty old head chest #7
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  4. Gosh dangit, I live in Utah...
    I'll give you 4 diamonds.
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  5. No deal.

    Tempting, but no deal.

    Deal for 3 reasons:

    1.) The firework.
    2.) Your screen name is similar to the one I've used for AOL, Yahoo, Google, etc, for over 16 years. "ItsMe*insert real name here* With the improper use of "its" and capital I and M.

    3.) The more gluten, the better.

    Meet me on smp5 sometime to make the exchange.
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  6. Deal is complete. The rare and amazing g00tch head has been paid for in full.