[SELLING] 1 Dragon Stone, Stack of Cupid Arrows & More!

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  1. Hullo, I'm selling these items:

    Dragon Stone, 64 Cupid Arrows, 2014 Holiday Candle and 3 Dragon Stone fragments

    Dragon Stone - 15k 13k
    Cupid Arrows - 3k SOLD OUT
    Dragon Frags - 6k 4k

    I will mail the item(s) to you ASAP.

  2. I'll take the arrows, I'll come on in a bit to pay :)
  3. Okay, thanks.
  4. Bump!

    Mailed, will expect payment soon.
  5. Bump!

    EDIT: Will be selling another 2 stacks of Cupid Arrows!
  6. May I purchase those as well?
  7. Sure.
  8. Mailed. That's 6k please.