[ Selling ] 1 Dragon Egg

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  1. These eggs are mainly for bragging rights, and I'v bragged too much so It's time for me to sell this baby! Since there aren't many that come up for sale, this egg in particular are going to be expensive.

    I'm asking 775k for the egg. With Dragon Tombs closing in on us (hopefully...) these should be worth the investment.

    Please PM me offers if you'd like to low ball me ;)
  2. Fixed :)
  3. Just a pointless bump here :p
  4. I don't even have 400k.. :oops:
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  5. so very tempting....ill have to think about this due to my display going up soon and needing one of these beasts....
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  7. Hmm... Do I invest or do I not...
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  8. this is a 100% factual statement lol i dont even have a cool place for my egg its just rotting away in my vault making me feel somewhat accomplished
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  9. i could probably go halfsies with you for the set (i think he is selling both as a set)
  10. I'm selling them separately but I'll give a whole 10k off if you buy both! xD
  11. Another Bump bites the dust
  12. Is there any promos you would trade for one?
  13. I prefer rupees, unless it's one of the more rare, tip top promotional artifacts ;)
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  14. Also, one is gone and there's only one left!

    Buy it before someone else gets their hands on it ;)
  15. Can I trade you promos for it maybe? I will over pay 820k+
    Also, what are the use for them in tombs?
  16. I would like to strictly get rupees out of it, unless it's an extremely rare promotional item.

    From a thread made by Aikar (I think) it stated that it'd somehow be involved with claiming land out in the wild.
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  17. I thought it was going to involve tokens now. Would an ICC Eggnog be enough?
  18. Those are 400-500k -.- lol