[Selling] 1 Beacon, 32 Diamond Blocks, Wither Head, 14 Emerald Blocks, 13 Gold Blocks

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  1. If you would like to buy one of these items or multiple just say so in this thread...

    Item Prices:
    [Sold]Beacon: 10k
    [Sold]32 Diamond Blocks: 15k
    [Sold]Wither Head: 2.5k
    [Sold]14 Emerald Blocks: 1.1k
    [Sold]13 Gold Blocks: 800r

    Have any questions? Post In this thread also please :p
    I have added an extra holding fee if needed to be held... 1k to hold for you plus the original amount when you buy the order!
  2. Don't you think some items are a little expensive, I know a lot of places where I can buy them cheaper, givinge no reason to buy it from you. Giving an example, if I go to am smp, and I ask for wither skulls, I think I can buy it for 2500r. Conclusion: It's a little (not a lot) expensive...
  3. I can make no promises, It's first come first serve so whoever come up with the money first... Hopefully you'll get them :p
  4. I want the gold and emerald blocks.
  5. 1.9k for them both please come to 18138 on smp9
  6. I have the money for diamond blocks, can you hold them for me? I'm on vacation until Tuesday.
  7. I can't make any promises... its first come first serve and someone else already asked me to hold them for them and I turned them down
  8. 1k holding fee :p
  9. 3 wither heads plox
  10. They have been already sold I will refund the money to you
  11. Refunded the 1k that was payed
  12. someone bought them before you payed the holding fee
  13. I only have 1 boozle... would you still like it?
  14. Everything is Sold!!! Sorry Guys!
  15. Got anything else to sell?
  16. N
    aaahhh I'm good
  17. No not really but I have an auction out... check it out:p