[Selling] 1.9 Rare(ish) items at 7180

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  1. Heya EMC so I went on a spree collecting a few 1.9 items and they are for sale at /v 7180 on smp3!

    Current items and prices are:

    Unbreaking 3, Mending Elytra: 80K
    Dragon Heads, 8K
    End Crystals: 200r per

    They all have a limited stock so get them while you can!
    I will update this thread regularly for updates :)
  2. Bump! More elytras in stock!
  3. Bump! Prices lowered!
  4. Bump! More elytras in stock!
  5. Bump! Still plenty of stock!
  6. hey can you reserve an Eltra until I get Enough money
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  7. Yep! I'll be back to my computer soon so I'll grab it for ya then
  8. Thanks :p
  9. I say that the prices are pretty good!! +1
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  10. Thanks!
    i have the elytra in my ended chest so it's ready for you whenever :)
  11. Bump! Still plenty in stock!
  12. HI you can unreserve the eltra i bought one somewhere else sorry :p
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  13. All done, thanks though
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