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  1. I've opened a shop selling purpur, chorus flowers, chorus fruit, end rods, end stone, and end stone bricks. You can visit it at /v Evesthery or /v +pp. Soon, the shop will also be stocked with dragon heads, end crystals, and elytra. I will post on this thread with future updates. Please let me know if anything is out of stock!
    Chorus Flower: - 500r per 16
    Chorus Fruit - 320r per 32
    End Rod - 160r per 16
    End Stone - 320r per 32
    End Bricks - 380r per 32
    Purpur Blocks - 600r per 32
    Dragon Head - 15K per 1 Out of Stock
    End Crystal - 1K per 4 Out of Stock
    Elytra - 80K per 1 Out of Stock
  2. Mind if i slap down my opinion on this here threaded post.

    I waited to hear a response back but you didn't respond. Anyway would you put the prices for your sellable items up on this thread.
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  3. I'd be happy to do that, once I can get back on EMC.
  4. Can you notify me if you get any more elytras in stock?
  5. Of course!
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