[Selling] 1.9 Items

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  1. I am currently selling some 1.9 items at /v 18931 on smp9.

    What I am selling:

    • 3 Undamaged, Unenchanted Elytra (140k)
    • 9 Dragon Head (10k each)
    • 5 stacks of Dragons Breath (3k per stack)
    • 9 stacks of Purpur Blocks (1.5k per stack)
    • SC of Beetroots (250 per 16, 1k per stack)
    • SC of Beetroot Seeds (100 per 16, 400 per stack)
    • 1 End Crystals (250 each)
    • 55 Chorus Flowers (300 each)
    Come down and get you some 1.9 items while you can! :)
  2. Ill take 2 dragon heads!

    Edit: if possible to mail em to me as I cant get in game right now. Lemme know if this works and ill send pay and mail fees via minechat.

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  3. Sent :)
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  4. Bump! Added Purpur blocks, Beetroots, Beetroot seeds, and End Crystals. Sadly the Elytras are out of stock, I'll try to get those back in soon enough :D
  5. Can I get a SC of purpur blocks
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  6. Sorry I'm not in town right now so I can't put anything aside for you. :( However you can go to the shop (/v 18931) and see if there is any still in stock. :)
  7. Bump added A LOT of stock! Come down to /v 18931 and check it out! :)
  8. I'll take the 3 dragon heads if ya wanna mail them to me.
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  9. i would like a dragon head if there is one left :)

    edit: nvm sorry
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  10. Could you maybe mail me a dragon head? Im in the frontier on smp9....
    Will pay if u have any left when I hop online.
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  11. I'm in the process of getting more in stock right now, I'll set one aside and mail it to you. :)

    Update: Chorus Flowers added for 300r each :D
  12. K, will pay when recieved.
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  13. i'd like to buy a SC of beetroot seeds please
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  14. Access chest set up at /v 18931 That will cost you 10.8k :)

    UPDATE: Lowered Elytra with mending I and Unbreaking III to 200k and added unenchanted elytras for 180k. Also restocked everything so come and check it out folks! :D
  15. i'll jump on in a couple minutes, just gotta look up how to pay, lol
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  16. Bump! There are 3 elytras in stock. 2 enchanted (mending I, Unbreaking III) for 200k each and 1 non enchanted for 180k. :)
  17. Bump! Restocked Purpur Blocks and got an excess of stock on elytras, dragon heads, dragons breath, and beet root items. Come and check it out! :D
  18. Bump! Restocked all items and enchanted elytra price has dropped down to 150k and none enchanted elytra down to 140k, come and get them while they last!
  19. Bump! Only one elytra remaining (Mending I, Unbreaking III). I have restocked every other item besides elytras and dragons breath so come and get them while they are still in stock!!
  20. Bump! I have one non enchanted elytra for 140k left and I also have restocked all the other 1.9 items so come and get them while they last! :D