[selliing] these items

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  1. here is a list of items im currently selling the money from selling these items is going straight into my smp3 display which is really coming along and the main structure will begin going up in a few weeks as i have everything ready.

    16 vault vouchers-----10k per
    9 stable vouchers-----10k per
    64 dragon stones-----10k per

    there are more items coming just late and not going to think too hard. reason for low prices on the dragon stones is because the goal is to sell cheap so players will have for later before prices do go up. will post the rest of the promos/items tomorrow pm me or you can post here if you are interested
  2. ill take 5 vault vouchers
  3. 2 vault vouchers pls
  4. alright so im heading off for the night so i decided to set up chests where everyone can buy as they please. the res is 10492 on smp5. i labeled what chest sells what so everyone knows ahead of time without having to click on them thanks to those who purchase
  5. alright vault vouchers are all gone...just stones and stable vouchers left