Sellable xp?

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  1. I think it should be possible i'd make millions! (I dont use enchants)
    Discuss my idea
  2. You can sell xp - get to level 24 or 32 or 50 - make pick - sell - make millions.
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  3. i dont have the patientence for that kind of barter...
  4. selling it to others = :) I was just thinking that and then i saw this thread I am like ooo goody :)
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  5. Actually, I'd probably sell my "Exp" too if that were an option. But that's just because I think the whole "Exp" and enchantment system is extremely silly and I'd rather have as little to do with it as possible.

    Those magical energy orbs we pick up that Mojang calls "Exp" have nothing to do with experience, or anything like it; they're actually just another resource that we collect and use, just like every other resource. So really, it makes perfect sense that we would sell them... just like any other resource.

    I'm pretty sure that will not become an option though.
  6. *Cough Cough* Justin will do it *Cough* he's a genius *Cough Cough*
  7. I really hope it's not considered a resource by the staff.... I'd prefer not to open up issues I've had with this...
  8. ???? Open away.
  9. I believe it would mess with the idea of TEXP because it would encourage players that are rich to buy xp and get top at the charts :p
  10. :D I just finished my XP farm few days ago :D Got almost 30k from selling enchanted pick in auction :D
  11. :eek:
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  12. Very good point. And a solid reason to not make "Exp" sellable.

    And Mystul, "Exp" in Minecraft is nothing like an experience point system (which is a system that's meant to simulate personal and/or professional growth from accomplishing things and overcoming challenges), and collecting and using this "Exp" works almost exactly like every other resource in Minecraft (you collect it and use it like a resource; nothing permanent is gained).

    Calling it experience is a misnomer, that's all. But it is what it is, and we live with it.
  13. If MC XP is a resource, why don't we lose it on death? I really didn't care to go there again.
  14. It should be called 'Energy orbs' :D
  15. You do lose it. But on EMC we have genius J&J they make u dont lose it. Because many player request so
  16. I don't think it was asked for... thanked for by many, but not asked....

    Genius, yes... Energy Orbs - sure... resource - you might convince me of that

    Magic Power / whatever you name it... still there after you wake up from a major headache.
  17. Yeah, you're right, it doesn't really make sense that this is one resource that we don't lose upon death. However it was done this way, at least in part, to accomodate the "Exp" leaderboard system... to prevent people from dying, collecting their "Exp", dying again, collecting it again, and so on, and therefore gaining a higher, illegitimate, ranking on the leaderboard.

    The way I rationalize that we don't drop this "Exp" upon death is by looking at it as magical energy (which is fairly accurate to how it behaves/what it does). Seeing it as magical energy, I can accept that it may behave a little differently than other resources in certain ways (including that it's not stored in our inventory like other resources are, can't be stored in chests, and can't be transferred to other players).

    It's still not a perfectly sensical game/fiction rationale, but the whole "Exp"/enchantment thing is such nonsense in and of itself that I think it's probably the best we're going to get (or one of the better possible rationales anyway).

    I would prefer if "Exp" was treated completely like a regular resource myself (because in all meaningful ways that's all it actually is), but that's not going to happen unless Mojang decides to take a radically different (and hopefully more well thought-out) approach towards this new type of resource they have added to the game.

    And it would still be really nice to have an XP system in Minecraft... one where we gain skill from the things we do so we can do what we do better. :D
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  18. could be possible exp will be transferable in vanilla minecraft in the next patch, what with the exp potion and all
  19. Liz - I agree to a point... XP as it's called YES energy orbs - I like that...

    What we need are Skill Points -- bla bla bla do something get 1 skill point - mine 10% faster, run faster, etc etc...

    However back to the TEXP concept - it's great... but removing loss on death... - as example... Justin could work some mojo with the code.
    I just don't think the majority of EMC has my back on this one.
  20. YEah justin would have to make it so its only blocks you didn't place, and unlit areas not previously lit.