Sell To Me Your Leaves!

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  1. As most of you on smp6 (and other servers) know, I have a giant willow tree in the center of my res that has yet to be finished. I started it over a year ago, and now I'm determined to finish it!
    So please, visit my resident on smp6 (13031) with stacks of oak and darkoak leaves and SELL THEM TO ME!
    To get leaves, you can break them with shears.
    There is a chest you will find outside of the spawn, very hard to miss, asking for the leaves. You can only sell full stacks of 64, 12r per stack. (This is what it looks like)

    Thanks A lot! I hope I can finish this soon!
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  2. So far this is beautiful and amazing I would love to donate when I can!
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  3. Thanks a ton!
  4. This is really cool :0 I think you should go to SMP3 #7777 and then reply to this comment :3 I've spent way too much time just as you have.
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