Sell Shop for the Empire Shop

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  1. I think EMC should had a sell shop to the Empire Shop.
  2. nope. hers what i think would happen:
    it had just begun. people selling all of their junk to the shop. they gain tons of money. people clear out their res of dirt, knowing that each block was worth at least a rupee. the shop gets flooded with money. prices get raised. this is known as inflation, kids. new players, earning 100 a day, and having no dirt, quit after seeing the bad economy. people leave because of this. some protest, but the damage is done. too much cash is circulating. people leave naturally, or because of this. supporters leave. emc loses funding. they have to pull a server. people lose res's. some stay, but others leave. emc tries, but they still have to close more servers. more people leave. they remove the selling completely, but the damage is worse than ever. smp1 is the only server left. justin and icc are there, the last days of emc. they throw a party, letting anyone do anything. everyone has the power of an op, without the big commands. as the burning houses go out, the server stops. no survivors.
    to this idea: nope.avi featuring chuck testa, uploaded by engineer, on a video site hosted by a giant troll face.
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  3. Although a big god-mode party would be sort of fun, you are completely right. If EMC were to put a sell shop in the Empire Store, all of the above would surely happen. Giving more money to the players would make the Empire staff lose a lot of money, causing them to be forced to find another hobby. This game is like real life, if you could sell everything you didn't want, the stores would just have too many useless things they could not sell, which makes them lose money/causing them to close down their store. EMC is made for the player to sell his or her things to other players, not the creators themselves. They don't want your dirt, they want your money! :p lol jk not really. But still, a sell shop there would be the worst idea after Nukes. (Maybe not)
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  4. Don't think that will happen...
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  5. Well maybe because your like my brother/the kid who posted this thread.
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  6. huh i dont agree with him the wild is fine...
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  7. Were not talking about the wild here...
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  8. hahahah my bad i mixed up my threads lol
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  9. lol :p
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  10. we dont need the empire shop to have a sell to option is what i meant lol i was not paying attention
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  11. Yeah we don't need a sell shop there, it would be completely point less and dangerous. I get the chills when I think about it...
  12. As has been said, no dice. There are plenty of shops that buy stuff.
  13. no, because that would be like selling to walmart,walmart simply doesnt need anything, and the empire shop doesnt either
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  14. Exactly what I said, but you said it simply. :D
  15. thr are plenty of sell shops already. some of which pay very well for goods.

    mine for example ;p
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  16. also noobs would sell their tutorial-gotten stuff and sell it for like 20 r total and complain of having nothing.
  17. A big fat NO THANK U :p