Sell me your lapis and ink SMP9 19194 :-)

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  1. Hey all :)

    I'm now buying lapis and ink at my residence 19194 on SMP9. Please see my offers below:

    Lapis lazuli: Buying 10 for 96r
    Ink sacs: Buying 10 for 106r

    The chests are right in front of you as you enter my res, let me know if you fill them up and I can create more room!


  2. Blue & Black Dye for sale at /v 1112 - Pink Floor :)
  3. Awesome! :) How much are they?
  4. 35r per Black Dye

    10r per Blue Dye
  5. Cool, I shall be buying lots of blue dye from you today then :)
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  6. You are out of stock, do you have any more in stock elsewhere? :)
  7. try blue floor =p