SELL everything you can to 10030!

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  1. This is how desperate I am for supplies, I am asking the entire community and not just SMP5. I want you to sell everything you can to 10030 in SMP5. You can sell as much stuff as you can! Do not feel bad cause I have enough rupees(probably). So sell everything you can to SMP5!

    I even buy dirt! I have allot of space for cobblestone too!
  2. anything you say
  3. Alright good going sell you all the air I have in stocked lol but really might sell you some logs and sugar cane
  4. Geeze dirt? I'm in!
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  5. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? I asked you guys to sell stuff to me and yet I earn more rupees! I'm in such a bad luck :(
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  6. Well I been on vacation since last Sunday so mainly on forums but be back on wednesday
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  7. its ok ill take some of those bad rupees away :)
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  8. I always sell to you anyways.... so its normal for me
  9. 2 Stacks for 1R for Dirt sold.
    Seems legit.
  10. Nice! how many double chests have you got?