[seling] Rare IcecreamCow Items

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  1. After winning mob arena at krysyy's event, IcecreamCow died with these items: If anyone wants to buy PM me. 2014-01-19_22.44.09.png 2014-01-19_22.44.13.png
  2. how much per skin
  3. Seems to be worth about 1r and k
  4. i see youve updated the photos in your op. please keep in mind everyone the original images he had multiple STACKS of each of these :)
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  5. How much for 1 Of each?
  6. Dat grey text, I think I am being perfectly fair modifying the original OP so it only displays one, no rules against it..
  7. o_o How did you catch that Lol I didnt see It :p
  8. creating an artificial demand via a faked low supply to drive up prices doesnt seem that fair to me. my opinion though. sell away! :)
  9. As people will ask/wonder.

    I created these more so as a fun joke. They don't do anything other than be used for what they normally would. I'll likely carry a few stacks on me of each at random events I go to that I am not holding (such as future mob arena's etc) and participate with the peoples.

    So, rarity type is moderate to Semi-Rare...but will always be dropped in multiple stacks. Hope this helps any questions that might come up. :)
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  10. I'll pay 4k for 1 of each piece. That work?
  11. Importerer has brought up some good points, and now that I have about 10 people asking to buy - I am just going to setup a sell chest at my residence tomorrow. Trying to make a price that fits everyone.