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  1. There should be a money spending warning when you are about to spend over a certain amount and make it customizable so people can choose to warn themselves it something they're buying is too big and not accidentally buy something they don't need.
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  2. or you could learn how to budget your money and not need a warning. how could they setup a system that warned you that you were about to buy something you don't need anyway?

    you can always type /r in-game after each thing to see where you're at.
  3. I think something similar to your suggestion will be in the shop update... I don't know what the criteria will be - but it would be like a click again to confirm purchase kind of thing.
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  4. Well, in my personal opinion, you should have to budget your own money.
    But for the noobs I think it is a good idea
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  5. I mean like when you buy a enchanted pickaxe and it tells you the stats and stuff and it says click again to buy. not a budget.. just so that if you accidentally click a sign and bought something.. say over 2k.. it would ask you to confirm your purchase. Just an idea.
  6. Well, it is a good idea. But personally I don't really spend a lot of $ at once.
  7. I like the idea and understand both of your points. Even if it isn't something you find useful i guarantee there are those who will (such as myself). It happens at my mall all the time (I just have them toss back the item and I repay them for it).
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  8. Noobs?
    Sometimes I forget and overspend.
    Does that mean Im a noob?
  9. No, it means your human :)
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  10. What I meant by "noobs" is people that are new to EMC, that is were alot of mistakes are made with overspending, but; alot of.mods have so much money they get a little carried away.....;)
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  11. what most shops should do ... and what i normally did with my customers ... is within a certain amount of time ... he or she accidentally bought too much, or clicked the wrong thing, or realized they didn't have enough money and wanted to buy something else instead ... i'd just ask for the item back and give them a full refund ...
    so depending on the players - he/she could just give you your money back - it would save the hassle of emc having to run more programs that could cause lag - the more simple the community the less confusing the game play >:p

    I like you're idea in theory, but like others mentioned - it should be up to you to keep track of your own money.