[Seeking] 1.8 Prismarine Consignment Partner

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  1. I'm currently looking for someone who is a mass producer of prismarine for a partnership. You would provide prismarine products:

    Prismarine Bricks
    Dark Prismarine
    Sea Lanterns
    Prismarine Shards
    Prismarine Crystals

    You can set prices, or we can set them together. I will do a 10% markup on the prices you provide, and sell the items in my shops. I currently have shops on 8 different servers:

    Thus, you will be able to gain access to a huge market for your products, and can promote their sale on each SMP, without having to move items in vault or any such arrangement. I will handle moving items around to ensure that each shop remains in stock and keep track of sales. In effect, I handle the entire sales side and leave you to focus on production. In exchange, I am able to offer 1.8 items in my shops and get a small markup on each item.

    I am looking for a serious and active partner able to produce these items in DC quantities. Here's a decent starting inventory:

    2 DC + 36 Stack Prismarine (18 stacks/shop)
    2 DC + 36 Stack Prismarine Brick (18 stacks/shop)
    2 DC + 36 Stack Dark Prismarine (18 stacks/shop)*
    1 DC + 27 Stack Prismarine Shard (9 stacks/shop)
    1 DC + 27 Stack Prismarine Crystal (9 stacks/shop)
    1 DC + 27 Stacks Sea Lantern (9 stacks/shop)
    * I can provide ink sacs if you don't have them.

    Due to the highly volatile 1.8 item pricing (I already got screwed over with sponges), I am only willing to work on a consignment basis. I will ensure that pricing matches the current market to maximize our profit and discuss all changes with you over time. I can also give you a link to view transactions live as they happen so you know exactly what you've made over time.