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  1. Just a small idea that people can enter their names on the seed entry bit and see what they get .ps doobadooba get you a little island lots of valleys and surface water+lava into a huge cave also feel free to post any other cool not very well known seeds
  2. 761901369131881790

    Two small islands, one with a tree. Double zombie dungeon that leads to a mineshaft.
  3. Twitch1
    Amazing seed. Was used in a Hardcore Survival series that didn't last long... :)
  4. nice seed sarge love ur photo btw :D
    and also twitch i happened to see this seed when i was thinking about the idea and this led to me trying mine so your partly responsible
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  5. Awesome. I like to hear it. :)
  6. -1813307319

    You wake up in a taiga with sheep and chickens around. Swampland is a stone's throw away and it's a short walk to a desert with a close village.

    Pretty cool idea.
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  7. That seed is Amazing I explode it, I really liked the the 2 zombie spawners what are the chances at that.
  8. Just to add I have mc pocket edition does anyone know any nice seeds for this
    Also guessed yomomma and you get a jungle biome with a lake inside quite nice
  9. Also gimmeajungle is a good jungle biome
  10. i had a load of seeds for 1.2.4 but they do not work for 1.2.5
  11. it also has a spider spawner in the mineshaft... :p
  12. and a cave spider and a skele spawner :p
  13. What's a taiga?
  14. Mrlegitislegit spawns you on a small island with a swamp/mountain biome. It might because of the wedge mod I have, but the swamp biome has NO trees.
  15. IamSaj in 1.2.4 let you spawn in a underwater village next to a lake and a jungle biome and you could make out Herobrine for about two or three seconds standing on top of the hill..... but obviously its 1.2.5 now LOL :p
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  16. :(
  17. I love this seed I am trying to make the npc village amazing and it's great because you've got a nice jungle biome for wood right next door
  18. think it's like a field with me it was basically loads of dirt with grass and flowers but no trees