Secret's to be found on SMP3

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  1. I was out and about in the wild of SMP3 and thought "why not make a UFO and put a diamond in there"
    So if your wandering around and happen to spot it (it's not much to look at lol ) then help your self to the prize contained within :D


    And yeah it doesn't look at all like a UFO, more like a floating house made of cobble in the sky but meh, there be a diamond in there :D


    Maybe some other players want to do the same and together we can fill the skies with plunder XD
  2. A wild treasure hunt!
  3. Stupid me. This UFO is in the wild.

    Yeah, sounds like an interesting thing to do, I know there are other neat little Easter Eggs really far away from spawn... :p
  4. Sarcasm? I'm sure he just built a pillar up there, built the object, and then removed the pillar.
  5. Ive Gone Past HEAPS Of Chest With Wool Around It Or Just In The Sky They Have ALOT Of Stuff In Them:D, But Im Too Scared To "Take" The Loot,Because If I Get Caught Ill Might Be Banned:O
  6.'s best not to mess with chests or anything unless you *know* that they are gifts/treasure for adventurers to find. For a thing like this UFO, posted in the forums, it would be fine.
  7. Yea But Some People Cant Be Stuffed To Do It. This Is The Only Post Like This Ive Seen:O
  8. I've left a sign next to it informing whoever finds it that the contents are theirs, so even if they don't see this thread they will know :)
  9. I edited my post so soon after you replied... And to think I thought I got off free...
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  10. If it looks like a UFO then it isn't a Unidentified Flying Object anymore :p
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