Secret snr.staff

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  1. Hmm my brother just told and showed me something...

    Not sure if its justinguy's alt

    He is a snr.staff his name is milehi

    Search him up
  2. Nope, milehi is legit. He just isn't very active, that's all. :)
  3. Im sorry, but I don't understand why you assume its his alt. Can you explain further?
  4. If you see his profile every1 is saying its justin
  5. even if it was, i dont see why this would be of any notable mention and if i was justinguy i would make my alt any form of power so i could play among the people with out notice

    think about it
  6. milehi is an extra account we use for testing purposes.
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  7. Omg icC just posted :O

    But cool now I know who milehi wis :p
  8. Lesson of the story: conspiracy theories are sometimes true!
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