secret server:

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  1. Has it own live map and whitelist!
    Go see what's there!
  2. Is this advertising other servers?Hmmmmmmm.......
  3. where livemap? plz give link
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  5. Im sure everyone knows this already :confused:?
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  6. This server has been known and seen by many. I've known about it for the longest time but you have to be whitelisted. Here's some cool stuff that new members have missed over the months:
    That one above me is for mob arenas that EMC USED too have. Luckily Aikar is working on a secret PvP project that I have little news on. <------ Stage Map (As you can see they blow up stuff and have fun, everything's pretty demolished
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  8. I doubt that :)
  9. cOLD mOLD on a sLATE pLATE.
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  10. oh gosh xP If you /p Justinguy you can see sometimes that he was on there and they just test stuff. and yes it whitelisted as mentioned before.
  11. is it just for the mods?
  12. Cool.
    It's a shame you need to be white listed though.
  13. oh and why does the live map have hols in it?
  14. Admins. Occasionally mods are allowed on to help test stuff.

    It's whitelisted because this way barely costs anything to run.
  15. Looks like ICC had some fun on there.
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  16. There's no reason for it to not be white listed. The server doesn't have anything on it that our regular servers don't have already. This allows us to test permissions/features to make sure they aren't broken before we put them out to the public :)
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  17. maby players could get on but are in a vuiwing place
    ^spelling =eww
  18. Idk
  19. Its kinda like the secret service!
    If you get my pun.