Second Chance Book? o.0

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  1. So I signed in after being on a long, inactive ingame break. I look in my inventory and I randomly have a second chance book,(picture below). I have no idea what happened, I haven't done anything or appealed anything, so I am curious on how I got this. A drop party? IDK. I just want to make sure this isn't in logs or something because I haven't done anything in the last 30 days so I want to make sure nothing happened.
    PS. Can I auction it? XD

  2. No, you can't auction them.
  3. What if he enchanted it with like sharpness XD
    You can still do that right?
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  4. I just noticed something as well. If I did somehow get banned, it never resetted anything.. so I don't know if I got in as a drop party or what.
  5. Written books can't be enchanted.
  6. Im pretty sure I saw nick beside ur afk body at spawn on smp1 :rolleyes:
  7. I believe you get this if you get banned and then successfully appeal?
  8. Never happened.. never got banned, never appealed.. and besides, if I did get banned, my reses and my rupees and items would be gone.
  9. No official reason for it being in your inventory, you must have received it during a drop party or some related antics. :)
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  10. Yes he scares me when I come back :p