Second Annual EMC Gift Box & Night Before Christmas Reading

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by pinkqueen95, Dec 3, 2015.


Will You Be Attending

Heck Ya This Is Awesome!!!! 23 vote(s) 88.5%
No, I'll be away on vaction and busy. 3 vote(s) 11.5%
  1. Hello Fellow EMCers
    pinkqueen95 here (aka tomijo95)


    The Gift Box is now closed!!! Sorry maybe next year.
    But for those who sent a letter to santa you can pick up your gift after the reading of The Night before Christmas the at /v 14490

    Its Christmas Eve come to hear The Night Before Christmas!!!!

    Where: /v 14489
    When: December 24th, 2015 ( Christmas Eve)
    Time: 8:00 P.M. EMC Time

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  2. Yes! Love it.
  3. Awww yes! I'll go there.
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  4. Great!!! I'll see you there!!! Don't forget to send your letter to Santa.
  5. I sent a letter by my ult so please don't get confused
  6. O I loved this, those shovels from last year really helped me out on a big project of mine (thanks for those btw)

    Sadly I won't be able to make if your story :( as I attend Christmas eve services
    But for those who do attend you'll have to fill me in :3

    Thanks for doing this again Tomijo :D

    This year I might request a few items to help my next project out :D
  7. Your Welcome!!! But thank me thank Santa and his little helpers!!! :D
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  8. 20 more days till the reading of The Night Before Christmas
  9. I swear it was all of us last year :p
    Thanks for doing this
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  10. Really tomi this again im totally asking Santa for a new bucket of water to dump on foxy >:D.
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  11. Yes we are doing this again mwahahaha I am killing EMC with kindness lol jk but it's my new tradition since last year DAH!!!
  12. 19 more days till the reading of the night before Christmas!!!
  13. I Would Love To Perticapate!!! Thanks For Doing This :D
  14. 18 more days till the reading of the night before Christmas!!!!
  15. I thought it was 19 days xD
  16. Awesome! I remember this tomijo from last year :) I will stop by.
  17. No we are talking Christmas Eve no Christmad day.. Lol