Seattle Space Needle, resturant and observation deck SMP2.

Discussion in 'Share Your EMC Creations' started by SSRCcorp, Aug 21, 2015.

  1. Started building this on EMC, Finally gotten to some sense of completion. Wanted to share with everyone this amazing structure and hopefully give SMP2 something cool.

    Come check it out on SMP2 at 3310
  2. I think it looks great, good job SSRC!
  3. thanks :) I want to try and build the Statue of Liberty
  4. Looks amazing!
  5. Looks awesome
  6. Wow, that looks pretty accurate indeed! :D Nice job so far! :) And I think a Statue of Liberty would be pretty cool as well. :)
  7. I second what hash says, the Statue of Liberty would be nice as well :D
  8. That is so cool! Can't wait to log in and see it in person.
    I would love to see the, Eiffel tower and London Eye, next to it too ^_^
  9. Wow, this is really cool! Can't wait to come see it!
  10. Thank you everyone for such positive feedback. It really means alot :)
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