Seaside village Safety/Rules guidelines

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  1. For all of those who want to know, Seaside IS in the wild.

    Rules of Seaside Village:
    1. Dont enter someones home unless given permission by the owner.
    2. If you cut down a tree, make sure you have bonemeal so you can instantly make a new tree to replace.
    3. Do not add anything to Seaside unless you have told me and i approve.

    Safety and other things you might need to know. S = Saftey F = Fun

    S = If you see a mob, especialy a creeper have a citizen with a good sword or method to kill it.

    S = fill in creeper holes

    F = We run on barter, trade something of equal value for items!

    S = Do not make tunnels anywhere but the Community Mine. Random tunnel will cause mobs to spawn!

    S = See an unlighted area? Contribute! Light it up!

    F = Christmas editions: Place a chest at your chimney and you might get a gift!

    F = you may make a mailbox for deliveries.

    Have fun and enjoy your stay!
  2. UPDATE: Seaside Village is being relocated due to greifing.
  3. Griefed ? So uncivilized.

    May I suggest you to do a "cliff village" instead, inside an underground ravine, or out of a big mountain and give the coords to those who are really interested :)

    Before the old Wasteland went down, I had visited the Wind Castle ruins, which were pretty epic and relatively well preserved. I hope your project turns out well in the end.

    PS: this is totally biased, since I am a cave dweller :D