Sears Tower Project

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  1. Hello Everyone!
    I just started my HUGE build of the Sears Tower.
    In This Thread I Will Post My Progress On The Building.
    My Current Progress:
    100% of the way done on my 10th floor:

    1st Day:

    Start of 3rd Floor:

    Start of 4th Floor:

    Half Way Through 5th Floor

    Finish of Second Day 6th Floor Complete:

    End of Day 3 with 10 Floors:

    Please Donate So That I Can Finish It.
    How to Donate:
    1. Gather Glass and Black Wool
    2. Go to 6724 on SMP3
    3. Sell the Black Wool and Glass to me For Free In Chests That I Have Set Up.
    4. Enjoy the Amazing Structure Once it is Done

    Here is a Pic of the Real Thing:
  2. fn + F1 and then fn+F2
    => for better Screenshots...
  3. Anyone think this is cool?
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  4. Go check out what my brother made at smp4 at 8438. He made the Pentrones Towers.
  5. nice
    not to sound like a rebel or anything, but when i was on that tower, there was a window open and i spit out of it. watch out, we got a bad-a$$ over here!
  6. Oh that i made to get out of the building
  7. Thank you for calling it Sears and know.

    I thought about making the Empire State Building once, but I came to the realization that I wouldn't even come close with the height limit (in beta).

    Take my advice and plan out your design in a spreadsheet (Excel or equivalent).
  8. What do u mean by in a spread sheet?
  9. A spreadsheet is essentially a grid used for keeping records and making calculations.

    However, you can arrange the grid to emulate different views of your res (ie. top view, side view) to plan out your constructions. If you don't have access to Microsoft Excel, try downloading OpenOffice and use the Spreadsheet application.
  10. Ah thanks just didn't get exactly what u meant
  11. you can also use... gah what was it... there was an mc schematic thing tahts free and online and its really cool because it lets you make circles in it too... oh well ill let you do some digging :p
  12. Yeah I'm using something like that
  13. Acer E-settings... :eek:
  14. New Update
  15. What wouldu name it besides Sears?
  16. The real name is The Willis Tower
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  17. Update 50% Done with 4th Floor
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  18. Woop Done With 5th Floor
  19. FInished My 6th Floor and done for the day