Sears Tower Project [Continuation]

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  1. As we all know BobAlek has left EMC, and was going to ditch his sears tower project until I offered to take control over the build.
    I have begun my first floor, which is floor 18. I'm going for 110 floors like the actual sears tower. So as you can tell, I have a long way to go. Here is a list of things which I need, and are things that can be given to me for the community. Unfortunately, I don't have many rupees to give in repayment, but you will get a floor named after you :)

    I need:
    Black Wool - And alot of it.
    Glass - Not very much, seeing as one craft of glass panes gives me 16, but I still need alot of it to reach my goal.
    Stone - For the flooring and as scaffolding on the insides so I have easy transport when fixing/adding floors.

    Villagers - For an unannounced reason on this project.
  2. Could we get some update pics?
  3. Once i've added atleast 3 floors.
  4. Ok cool
  5. This is awesome. I'll see what I can do.