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More details?

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  1. Hey, Im searching for a Bulk Supplier. only 4 items need bulked, at the moment. 60% of income. res @ 6084 - Thanks -ALT of Clashine
  2. Do you know of /v +bulk on smp8? Does that shop help?
  3. I go there a lot, lol, but I need a companion.
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  4. What 4 items? I can hardly become a supplier if I don't know what you need supplied :p
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  5. I'm glad you shop here :) if you have any suggestions let me know. Sorry I guess I don't help in this particular situation.
  6. Oak logs, Sandstone, Stone, Netherrack. I Supply melons <3
  7. I can probably supply all of those. I am busy lately, however, so I won't be playing a ton until a few weeks from now
  8. Ahh, welp maybe some other time :)
  9. I know how to setup a rudimentary cobblestone gen and an auto-smelter. If you use both, with the auto-smelter filled with lava buckets, it would make stone easy to farm/craft for a while before needing refueling..
  10. ....hmu sometime autumrain26