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  1. Hey EMC.

    So I'm about to begin my youtube journey. The first Vid's ever. You have the privileged of discovering my youtube talent. :)

    NZScruffy's Youtube Channel

    I am mostly interested in doing some tutorials on EMC features, General Farm builds, and such.

    But I hope to also bring some fun Adventures/Events, and Spotlights on particular things I think are cool in EMC.

    Please feel free to give me pro tips, and constructive criticism, so I can improve your viewing experience.

    My Videos:

    Sit back, and enjoy.
  2. Link to your channel?
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  3. I had to find that link.. was difficult lol
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  7. I subbed you. the few vidz you got up are great :D keep going!
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  8. Sorry, I am having technical difficulties with crappy Cyberlink software. Am working it out, and will get some more vids up soon. (got 3 hours to edit down and put up).
  9. I really enjoy your voice, it's soothing hehe sorry I don't want to sound creepy xP
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  10. Thanks. :) No, not creepy. Glad you enjoy. I just need to say 'umm' less. lol
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  11. You gonna post anything about project dark forest on it? And I just subbed my youtube username is mariomash1VG
  12. Well, I could. But i'd need to talk to the Project Head 8comimi about that first.
    Besides, I think it'd be more fun to not screen anything on it. It should remain unseen until completion. Because of the nature of the project, it'l be more fun that way.
  13. Hi, I'm back, will try to do all the video's I kept promising. :) Now that I have a working editor/publisher. Here's the latest, some footage of my Frontier wool farm:

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