Screen recorder?

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  1. Hey does anyone know a FREE screen recorder for mac? and not screenium :)
  2. Screen recorder?
  3. I think he means things like fraps but free.
  4. Ah... I use a cracked fraps to shoot and upload my vids on youtube
  5. isn't fraps for windows? not mac?
  6. how to I start recording? I downloaded it and it was a .exe not .zip :3 but I extracted it and idk what to click to record
  7. It probably doesnt workthen, mine was a zip. I heard that mac comes witha built in screen recorder
  8. If someone can find me one I'll pay them 3k rupees maybe more
  9. *sigh* all links are broken in descriptions :( I guess I will try screenium again >_<
  10. I'm using a free one called kazam screencaster, but I think it's only for linux...
  11. It would probably be wise not to put that kind of information here.
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  12. Illegal is FUN.

  14. don't tell anyone or else