Screaming goats anyone?

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  1. Here is another one

    Youtubers edition :p
  2. Ready for part 2?

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  3. close enough
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  4. ????? Weird
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  5. Part three anyone?

  6. Love the 8 minute mark of part 3
  7. EDIT: You already showed it :(
  8. ?
  9. On boy, the goat version of kitty city...
    What's next, birds?
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  10. Maybe?!?!?!
  11. LOL
    My youth pastor showed all the boys this.
    Laughing so hard for a while
  12. OMGLOL what you should do is look up the goat songs by goateditonofficial (I think thats his/her username:rolleyes:). I found Dynamite and other songs I know with that screaming goat, and laughed hard for about 5 min after watching the last video. Shortly after I watched the Derpy Squid Mod by SkyDoesMinecraft. Then laughed even more because it was hilarious
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  14. Well, there goes 10 perfectly good minutes of my life. -_-
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