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  1. Before I start I will mention sorry about grammar. And spelling as I am on my phone.

    Polo002, myself and Eolosti created this company. Some smp1 players may have heard of our last projetc,
    Currently we are creating a hotel over 1213, 1313 and polos res. We are looking for comany members.

    Empireminecraft length of time as of conpletion (eg mine is 410)
    Why you wish to join:
    Would you be happy with a maximum of 10% profit salary:
    What role woUld you like (listed below)
    Age: (you will NOT be penalised but if you wish you may PM me it)

    Builder:2% Salary
    Advertiser:0.5% salary
    Manager:5% salary
    Adviser:3% salary
    Part of the board:7% salary
    Amount of % availible:
    All of above in one(elite):10% salary

    We are also selling shares once compleyed, estimated price per 1% is 1k