[Science Project] Shell-less eggs!

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  1. Last night I started a science project. Today when I came back, I had an epic shell-less egg!

    Now for how to do it.

    Materials: White vinegar, 1 egg, a bowl that is deep enough for an egg to be submerged.

    1. Put egg in bowl. 2. Put vinegar in bowl with egg so the egg is just barely floating. Optional! Stir for any amount of time. 3. Refrigerate (A cold garage works) 4. In the morning (or about 12 hours later) GENTLY pull out the egg. Check for remaining shell. 5. If there is still egg shell. get a shallow small bowl of vinegar (about 1 inch) and gently rub the part of the egg that still has shell in the vinegar. 6. Enjoy looking and gently poking your squishy egg!

    Why does it happen?

    This happens for the same reason vinegar (Acetic Acid C2H4O2) reacts with baking soda (Sodium Bicarbonate NaHCO3). The same acid base reaction takes place between the egg shell (Calcium Carbonate CaCO3) and Acetic Acid. The reaction results in the egg shell being eaten away and turning into Carbon Dioxide and Calcium Acetate (Sodium Acetate and Carbon Dioxide are made when baking soda and vinegar are combined)

    Thank you for reading and hopefully trying this science project!
  2. I will upload a picture of the egg ASAP (a few days maybe)
  3. I love sciency posts =)
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  4. I wonder, if you left the egg in a strong enough acid, would the inner and outer membranes of the egg dissolve as well?
  5. Thanks!
    I am not sure, but the reason the shell is eaten away is a reaction not just burning through.

    Pictures are being stupid
  6. Bump! It would be nice to see some of your results!
  7. Now put it in salt water and watch it shrivel overnight.
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  8. Then you can put it back in fresh water and it should grow again.
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  9. Then if it gets very swollen with water, poke it with a needle and watch it burst.
  10. My brother just told me to put it in milk. :confused:
  11. That could work, it would definitely make the fluids easier to see.
  12. I think he said that without reason...
  13. Wouldn't hurt to try with a second egg, ya know, just to see what would happen.
  14. bump of SCIENCE!
  15. If you put it in milk, the shell should mysteriously grow back.
  16. I don't think so...
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  17. Idk but it will be healthy.