Schools done..

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  1. And I have some plans. Most of these plans will do with EMC or TF2, INCLUDING...

    1. Hopefully in a few days, an MVM game in TF2 for any and all EMC players who want to play.

    2. A new "book" of sorts on the EM forums.....

    3. A TF2 item giveaway

    4. And much more!

    More ideas and the dates of these plans will be announced around the time they start.
  2. You just got of school, I've been out for almost 2 weeks now.
  3. Yay for Canada's education system! :p
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  4. I got out last week.
  5. From tomorrow (Friday) I have 3 more weeks of school and that's for everyone in the UK I think.
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  6. Same here, I live in Canada and i just got out of school. But i go back to school in September :D
  7. I don't finish until the 19th of July, Your extremely lucky.
  8. I got out of school at the beginning of May :confused:
  9. I got out a month ago.
  10. #Canadian

    Anyway, I just got out of school today as well. Was everyone hugging and crying at your school as well?
  11. No, everyone kind of just got up, said goodbye, and left.
  12. Guess my school's just weird....
  13. I have 1 more week from today ;)
    You like TF2 do you?
  14. Yup, I got out about... *checks time* One Hour, 15 Mins Ago!
  15. Wow happy to see alot of Canadians! lol ;)
  16. I got out end of may... but you guys make up for it by going back to school later, too... I go back August 2nd >.>
  17. Canadian, got out almost 3 weeks ago :p