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  1. Hey, I really don't know how to begin, but, I'll try.

    Since school is starting, I won't have time for Minecraft, nor any computer games. I'll be balancing School, homework, soccer, band, after school clubs, and a job. I'll have a really tight schedule. So, I won't be signing in, or posting on the forums as much anymore. I'll have time for Minecraft on breaks, and weekends, and it probably won't be much. I'll sign in every few days to check up on things, and keep my residences safe. I might do a few giveaways this weekend.

    If you need to contact me, the best thing to do is start up a private conversation. I won't be visiting my profile much. :)
  2. You can ask the staff to save your residence if you won't be online for a long time and have a good reason.
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  3. Who needs school and work? All we need is minecraft.
  4. You dont need to login anymore, just vote :)

    That will help resetting the direlict :)
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  5. Addicted much? :p
  6. Aw it cant be thaaaaaat bad...
  7. I see that....mod.... in dat sig :p i see it was set to zero tho :p
  8. Aikar made it too where if you just simply vote for EMC it resets your derelict policy so all you would have to do is get on the site check inbox and alerts and vote and you will be just fine.
  9. The only mod I have involved in my signature is the Cape mod, I made the 3d Jay2a and the 12-bit Jay2a myself. I'm going to try to stay on topic now.
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