School Harlem Shakes

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  1. Hi, here is my school Harlem Shacke, we did this for a propaganda or somthing like that. Show your shcool Harlem Shacke or your favorite Schools Harlem Shakes.
    This is a photo of the Hralem Shacke.
    I am the big guy with US air force jacket with camo. :D
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  2. Harlem shake? NO JUST NO
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  3. Why?!?!
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  4. Well, my study hall WAS going to do one, but the teacher "Didn't feel like it" :(
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  5. Harlem shake? Yes, just yes.
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  6. Our Harlem Shake was made by the seniors of the school, they say to us that, "tomorrow we will make the SAS Harlem Shacke, so bring costums and energy for the video :D"
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  7. not my school, but...
  8. I never have, and I never will, watch a Harlem Shake. They're stupid -.-
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