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Do you?

Yes 6 vote(s) 50.0%
No 6 vote(s) 50.0%
  1. Does anyone else play school football? If so what is your school name and team name.
  2. I play wide receiver. My team is RMC Titans.
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  3. Cool I play receiver too (and linebacker) but linebacker is a really hard position.
  4. Tight end Valley View Eagles
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  5. Don't play, but my school is the LTCHS Raiders.

    We've gone undefeated so far I believe.
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  6. oh btw I play on JV (Junior Varsity) But last week coach put me on Varsity
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  7. I love the game :)

    I play QB but wide when we are down and need a hell Mary
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  8. Well not in HS anymore but still putting it down played Middle Linebacker or Strong back depending on the formation. Vv leopards
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  9. Wide Receiver and Tuscarora Huskies(Currently 399th in the Nation) which is good considering that there are 4000+ High Schools.
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  10. I play line and D-end for the middle school team.
    Our high school is the. MUS Owls.
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  11. I keep getting told I should play football bit the injuries my brother and friends got from it that will be with them the rest of their life makes me not want to
  12. Wait. If you're the quarter back but switch to WR on a Hail Mary, who's throwing the football for those Hail Mary's? :confused:
  13. Don't worry there is always a back up on a team if someone can't make it or gets hurt bad
  14. I don't play any sports at my school (I'm in debate) there is only rugby, it's like foot ball without protection...
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  15. You do know that American Football & Rugby are entirly different rules and how you play wise. Although they have same origins but are very different in a lot of ways.
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  16. k
  17. Hey that is great!

    Woot Woot!!! Linebackers!!! but running back? idk abbout. JK sounds like you were one of the leaders on the field.
  18. lol No not a running back meant Strong linebacker ran 5 2 and 4 3 formations. Yes to second part
  19. Ohh. Well I playoutside linebacker to the weak side and sometimes the strong side, could go on but could confuse other people. We run 3 3, 5 5 and sometimes 2 2