School and minecraft

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Do you want a new time frame?

Yes! 7 vote(s) 33.3%
No 10 vote(s) 47.6%
Do not care 4 vote(s) 19.0%
  1. Some people like me have limited time/access to games like minecraft during school and I was wondering of a new time frame could be put in place instead of the ten day rule.

    For those who do not know, if you do not log on every ten days then your res gets cleared.
  2. New idea: another option would be to log in from the site.
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  3. Your res doesn't get deleted if you log into the forums!?!
  4. I was hopeing it could be that way
  5. I didn't have to leave the servers then! :D
  6. I ment I was hopeing it would be that way
  7. oh.... :(
    I used to just log in on the weekends seemed to work for me :)

  8. Your saying, you want the reset period to be longer because you can't log on every 10 days. This is a poor statement, and also, EMC is notoriously bad at resetting res's. For example, I just visited the res of someone who hasn't been signed on it two months. TWO MONTHS.
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  9. Still, I think it would be nice
  10. They do care, they just don't need the residences right now (summer, 1.3, ect.) - the system is in place to free up residences and allow new members to claim.
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  11. I also said that it would be good if we were able to log in from the website
  12. Imayoufo, I like your point and I agree. If time and equipment are both limited to someone who does seem to put effort into their res and wants to keep on contributing to their community then it seems fair to add onto the delinquency rule a way to just lig into the website. You should post this in the suggestion box.
  13. if you arent able to log on every ten days, just explain it to a staff member, they will either extend your dereliction or just make you exempt
  14. The res removal is handled manually at this point. You are guaranteed ten days.

    If a player really wants your lot they can contact a staff member after it's been 10 days and they will unclaim it. Most of the time its not an issue immediately. There's always a decent number of lots kept available on the servers, and more are unclaimed as necessary.
  15. I have said this before, I think we should be able to log in from the website!
  16. Honestly, and I hope I don't come across as mean here, it takes less than a minute to open the launcher, log in, pop on EMC, and log out. Probably ~30s.
  17. This is exactly why I got gold. :)
  18. Not the exact reason i got it but close enough
  19. I see where you are going and like it :)
    Sometimes you dont evn have wnough time to do that. But im sure you can log on on the weekends.
  20. where does it ever even say you as a donator are exempt from this rule? sure you get your daily bonus without signing in, but you arent protected from dereliction as a listed perk.
    edit: nvm, its here instead