School AMA thingy.

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  1. So... I started school about 18 days ago, and I started Year 9 and have entered the year of options choosing and GCSE mockup exams >.>

    So... ask me anything school-y, I guess.
  2. So umm Freshman ?
  3. No. I'm in 3rd year of High School :p
    I have school holidays :-D
  5. But... Your younger than me :confused:
  6. Do you get many tests? :p
  7. Year 9 = Freshman Year....
  8. American and European school year systems work differently. Their Year 9 doesn't quite match up with our 9th grade.
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  9. Why did you have to age without me.
  10. In England we have no Middle School. Just 2 years of pre-school, 7 years of Primary School, 5 years of High School, 2 years of optional college, and up to 7-8 years of optional University that costs £9,000 a year, minus additional costs for food, bills, and things you need for assignments (computers etc)

    Freshman means 'fresh' in High School, right? I have 2 years of High School left, so obviously not Freshman year. Year 9 doesn't match up with 9th grade in the UK, either.
    GCSE mockup exams, yes :p (They're not even hard, but according to my teachers we need to know everything about them before we start them in Year 10 :p)